"Where's my artillery !!!!" & hour war pic

My first pic i please comment on how to make it better

Lost Planet models
and WIC troops

The title is “7 hour war pic”

“& hour war”?

The picture is quite empty, there’s little to no AA and the angle is poor (which also contributes to the emptiness).

4 exclamation marks for extra seriousness.

I’m pretty sure that there were no WWII nazi tanks, LP aliens and low-textured soldiers during the Seven Hour War. There are many awesome custom models in the Internet, it’s easy to find them.
Also, the camera angle is chosen wrong. It looks too empty.

Just because the tank has an German tank mark used in WW2 doesnt mean its from that far back, alot of new german tanks still use the mark.

My bad about this one then.

Eh, learn how to read. It’s not Seven hour war, it’s & hour war.

Looks like today is my most failed day ever.

Well i guess it’s one of the first pictures, or the first ones to upload.

Not bad tho, but needs seriously more details, and effects.

Use AA, zoom-in, add some more details, and SDoF.