Where's my money!


second picture was crap


editing is pretty bad, posing needs work and black and white is almost always boring.

Cash is not to be bad but I must say that it’s blood is good shit but it is black and white

How the fuck can he survive the back of his skull being blown out

It looks like they’re floating because they have no shadows.

yeah, your right. Im not sure why they did not have it, It was enabled.

I’m pretty sure he wouldn’t be able to tell him after that.

He’s not gonna tell where the money is if he has a huge hole in his effin’ face.

The blood looks okay in the first shot, but it doesn’t make sense that’s it’s still flying out of his mouth in the second shot and neither does the fact that the guy is alive. Posing could use a little work too.
But despite all of that, I actually like the first shot. Keep it up.

you aren’t gonna get your money if he’s dead D:

look at the first post. I put in a new photo