Where's the "minecraft" feel to Rust?

Hey just curious on the game from what I’ve seen on Youtube channels. Does this game give you the option to craft a shovel, pickaxe and dig a mine? I know its early into beta, but has anyone been able to dig and build underground tunnel?

Be great to get players feedback since I haven’t played the game.

Thanks! :slight_smile:

Well I tried to dig a mine once but it got instantly flooded because of real time water physics
Honestly this game is garbage, it’s way too realistic

Who cares about about Minecraft, it’s a terrible game.

I don’t know that I can put any weight in your opinion, as you are plastic, and plastic is not know for its cognitive function.

EDIT: OT: I expect it’s the house building.

That sounds awesome.
Also, Shaun of the Dead win.

Oh good god.

so… you can actually dig in Rust? also are houses flammable?

People haven’t discovered the train carts yet? can’t you hear them under the ground, me and my mate were digging for ages.

Neither of them are.

That answers that. I know as of now the game is only in alpha testing and things can always (will) change in the future but hows the crafting system?

Somewhat imbalanced.

Guys, try playing the first versions of minecraft. Honestly, there was not much to it then. Rust is a new game, and like the early versions of minecraft, will gain features later on. Right now, the bigger problem is more of getting it to work rather than adding features

for the love of fuck don’t compare rust to minecraft. they’re fundamentally different games. if anything this is S.T.A.L.K.E.R with base building.

It also seems very similar to Wurm: Online in the way that building and crafting works. If you took S.T.A.L.K.E.R. and Wurm and mixed the two into one game, you’d get Rust.

Minecraft is mostly a building game consistent of building your own home. So of course it isn’t going to be entirely minecraft or entirely dayz. They mostly have the recipe, gathering, and building aspects. Making stuff undergound seems really complicated and would be confusing as well. But the game is still in the works so they may add it :slight_smile:

You gather wood and smelt ores. You can craft items and building parts to create your own house.

Also you cannot dig (dont listen to what those trollbies says )

Trying to equate Rust with Minecraft is a dangerous game. Significant gameplay differences aside, portraying this game as a revamped iteration of MC runs the risk of attracting a rather unsavory population of players, a portion of which have already contributed to the hackathon that’s been plaguing players.

No need to get all rowdy up about this post- reason why I even ask this question is because of Youtuber(s) that has the game mentioned it during their video. They compared it to Dayz, stalker, and minecraft. So don’t shoot the messenger. :slight_smile: