Where's the models folder?

Hi Facepunch!

I’m trying to setup a DarkRP server with custom jobs, but I cannot find the garrysmod/models folder. All my custom jobs are showing up as error, and I really would like to fix this. Can anyone point out why I don’t have it? I just tried doing a fresh install, but it wasn’t there.

Kind regards,

If you mean inside of the server’s/player’s files, its in your garrysmod/garrysmod folder.

If you mean the vanilla models, then it’s inside the garrysmod_dir.vpk also in the garrysmod directory. You will need gcfscape to open it however.

Yup, I just realized. If I want to use custom models, I’ll have to upload them myself, and then I’ll get a models folder, right?

Just create a models folder.