Where's the patch?

According to Garry’s twitter there was supposed to be a patch released today, anyone know if that’s still going to happen?

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(User was banned for this post ("See Next Update thread - Calm down, too!" - NiandraLades))

What would Garrys mod be without errors, bugs, crashes, and lag? It would be another normal old Sandbox game.

I’m pretty sure garry was talking about Rust patches.

That game makes tons of money, Garry’s Mod doesn’t make as much anymore
He probably only made this update because he’s required to update it once per year.

It wouldn’t be a GMod update without shit breaking/crashing.

Wrong and wrong. Garry doesnt work on Garry’s Mod anymore and thus did not make this update. Kilburn and Robotboy are the developers now

Okay, mr. know-it-all
When’s the patch coming out?

Wrong moreso


Someone is pissed off for sure.

Yeah, Thought I entered the rust forum initially

Could people please stop making new threads asking where the patch is or about the update and stick to this thread? Thanks!

Yeah, ban the guy for being naturally frustrated that his server is completely useless until they decide to finally release the “holy hotfix”. The least they could do is revert the update back to the actual working version, however vulnerable it is, until they figure out the crashing problem.

The thing that the intellectually-superior developers on this forum don’t look at, is this is money out of a lot of people’s pockets. Both for purchasing the game, and running a server.

Honestly, what did ProTweaker do wrong to deserve a ban? I agree with him, Garry has time to shit himself and write about it, yet doesn’t bother to even check the status of the game that got his ass where he is today. People are pissed because they paid for a game that is now useless to them and will continue to be useless until God knows when they pump out a patch. Instead of banning the poor fuck, why not have a constructive discussion on what should be done in the meanwhile?

These mods are so ban happy, they’ll ban people for their opinions. Also, nobody wants to read a 4 week old, 23 page long irrelevant thread. It makes more sense to make an updated one.

the last version had a significant bug that caused the entire lua state to become corrupted.

ps: garry doesn’t work on gmod.

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the whole idea of a forum is to provide individual topics that contain all pertinent data to a topic. if every individual angry about the new update posted a topic whining about how broken gmod is, there’d be nothing else on facepunch.

Well, then we just shit up this forum with multiple topics asking the same thing. That’s no good! You don’t have to read the entire thread, maybe just the last couple of pages, or just ctrl+f if you’re busy. If you’ve put the effort in and still can’t find it, go ahead but quite a few people have been asking

Also I’m inclined to believe this is a user who hasn’t put effort in as, going by this line:

The user still believes Garry works on the game. He doesn’t, he handles Rust. _Kilburn and RobotBoy currently work on Gmod.

These are all currently existing threads about the update in General Discussion:

If you think I’m ban happy as a mod, then you’re probably in for an interesting ride as I’m probably the most lenient here :v:

Introduce him to Craptasket, his ban hammer sends shivers down my spine