Which addon?

I got GMod a few days ago, decided to try and get a wired aeroplane off here:

I downloaded it, extracted it (i think to the right place)- i then tried to spawn it with the Adv Dupe ingame, and its just red ERROR text.

Does this mean i don’t have the model pack to be able to see it? I have PHX3 and wiremod. If this is so, can someone tell me which model pack it belongs to, so i can get it.
Or maybe i have just downloaded it wrongly?

Well, if it appears in your advanced duplicator list, you’ve probably installed it correctly. But I don’t recognize that plane’s model, so you’re most likely right about it being in some model pack.

Edit: Try one of the ‘military models pack’ off of gmod.org.
http://www.garrysmod.org/downloads/?a=view&id=74950 -That one looks promising.

thanks, but i tried that pack and it still just is a load of thrusters and an ERROR. I’ll try this one, as some of the files seem to have something to do with an F-16.