which admin mod is better?

some are good some are not just say one and say the reason you like it.


I remember that I loved both assmod and ULX, and I believe that they were compatible. Never heard of evolve.

It’s not compatible enough.

I love evolve. :v:

Assmod is easier to add other admins and generally better, its simpler so I dos’nt have ragdoll ect. But can have plugins id go for assmod.

ulx, it has alot of functions.

ULX, it can have plugins, and is highly customizable to your needs.

my friend told me about evole so what does it have?

Ask the maker.

ok maybe i should do that first :lol:

They seem to cover the basics, so I think they are all equally good since they all provide the same utility.

I use ASS personally. It’s very easy to use. Love it.

Besides the ugliest menu ever. I hate it because of that.

I hate it too. ULX fails to load half of the times though, so I had my own custom admin mod coded.

what is custom mod?

Assmod = originality. :smug:

Evolve cause of the build in scoreboard.


Evolve, it incorpates features of both ULX and ASS. By having many, many plugins, and having a nice UI.