Which Brand is Better?

I’m on a budget which of these two cards is good?If you think both of them are bad put in the card you think is best down in the comments :slight_smile:

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How is this releveant to rust?

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I had a Sapphire Radeon HD 7770 OC Before, its not bad! It could run BF3 on medium settings.

I always go Nvidia now. I was tired of fighting with AMD’s drivers.

NVidias drivers can be pain in the ass as well.

I would say Nvidia. Both cards are quite far down the new chain. Try looking at the new AMD models that have been released.

IF you need to Bench cards try this website as well… http://www.anandtech.com/bench/

Its not solid proof of “What graphics card is better?!” but it gives you an idea of FPS.

Like Brandy said tho. This should possibly be in a different part of the forum.

you get much more for your money with amd, however for build quality choose Nvidia / intel. atm in running a full amd custom build and its great cost £1100 - where as the intel equivalent would be around 1700, and by the time the parts degrade and break it would be time to upgrade, so i would choose amd for pure reason better value for money.

If your going to get the gtx 650 go with asus. I got the asus gtx 650 Ti and it handles any game that I wanna play at high- ultra settings

If you want to play Rust, then choose Nvidia…

Thanks for the voting you can still vote until 1st november i will check the results then :slight_smile:

Neither, in terms of performance. Go for a 660 or 760 instead of a 650, it isn’t that much more. Granted, AMD would probably be the better way to go, on a budget.

Go with a 7850 1gb, you wont regret it.

Go with the GTX650,

I have the GTX650 2gb Ti Boost OC edition from Asus. It can handle pretty much any game at high/ultra settings. The only problem i ran into was Battlefield 4. I can run it with Med/High settings. Than again, BF4 is not optimized that well since it was just released. But, I could run BF3 on ultra settings.