Which compression algorithms are supported for FastDL?

I’ve been doing some research and it seems that LZMA would be a better method to use over bzip2, due to smaller files and smaller time to decompress. The time to compress does not matter as much in this case, as it only needs to be ran once.

So my question is, which formats does Garry’s Mod support? I’ve heard of people using 7zip over bzip2.

It only supports bz2.

Ah. Any idea why that was chosen? LZMA produces smaller files that take less time to decompress, which seems to be a perfect fit for this case.

Blame valve

I’d say it’d be because it’s relatively simple, lightweight, fewer moving parts internally, and free to use.

That’s how WinZip and WinRAR make most of their money, licensing applications to use their algorithms.

If memory serves, LZMA sure does make files smaller, but it takes longer to pack up files.

Correct that LZMA takes longer to compress, but it produces files that take less time to decompress than bzip2 as well as being smaller. You only have to compress once, and the users have to decompress when they download, so this is desirable.

LZMA is completely public domain, so I’m wondering why it isn’t used instead.

You can request it here: https://github.com/Facepunch/garrysmod-requests