Which file is it that needs converting in order to reskin a ragdoll?

hi all

i want to reskin my roxas ragdoll to give him a black outfit…howeve i am a TOTAL beginner to reskining ragdolls

i red a thread that says i need to convert a file to BMP-TGA…but question is which one?..is it in the models folder or the materials folder?

also one i have the file how do i convert it to BMP-TGA using VTFedit?

any help would be GREATLY appreicated thank you!

What sort of software are you planning on using to actually edit the texture?

I know Photoshop and GIMP each have VTF plug-ins available (I’ve linked you to the plug-ins).

These allow you to open and save as VTF files.

Depending on what game your skinning, you might need to extract the textures from the Game’s GCF file, using GCFScape.

Hope this is helpful. If I have left anything out, let me know (or maybe other users will post other information)