Which game has the most realistic clone troopers? (Star wars)

Hiya guys!,

Just want to know what you guys think is the game with the most realistic clone troopers?, Is he force unleashed the game with the most realistic?

It has to be a game which is already ripped.


The Clone Trooper in that game is highly detailed in the model department, yes, but the textures leave a little to be desired as the detail on them is not all that great.

Yeah tuk i agree, the only problem with the battlefront 2 model i have is the helmet is unproportionate.

I’m sorta torn between them xD

I’m partial to the Star Wars Kinect one

The Star Wars Kinect one is pretty good but I think it needs some bodily adjustments. That game’s models are stylized.

Well, the SWBF2 model is certainly a product of its time. They didn’t exactly detail the models correctly then (the body for instance could have been a little more detailed in the knees and elbows, and that fin is just criminal, they even had texture parts for a proper fin - and also take a look at the stormtrooper - it’s very inaccurate). I’ve actually been working on making the clone and stormtrooper models a bit more detailed and accurate, and oddly enough the models on the resource thread here have helped greatly in doing that. As it stands, out of the games that came out in 2005 to tie in to Episode III, I think the ROTS game’s clone trooper was the most accurate.

Hehe feels like id just be better off replacing the BF2 models helmet with the force unleashed one.

The only problem i have with the kinect model is the torso :confused:

I think I had to tweak that rig, now that I think of it. Also the TFU commando models looked pretty nice, I redid the textures from the kinect model to clean them up.

Came out alright