Which game is required?

I bought Garry’s Mod just the other day, I noticed some textures are showing errors or black and pink checkers. I researched the problem and figured that you need Counter-Strike: Source, Half-Life 2, Team Fortress 2. I want to know exactly which one do I need or do I need all of them?

Well it depends what the map/addon is using, really. You won’t ever stop getting errors unless you get CS:S, EP1, EP2, DoDS, Portal and TF2.

Half Life 2 isn’t required since most(if not all) content from it is included in all source games. Getting Counter Strike: Source or EP2 should take care of most of the missing content.

If you just get the Orange Box you should be set.

Here is a list of games Gmod uses: http://store.steampowered.com/search/?category2=16 (but not L4D1-2)

When you download any Source game, you get one or two .GCFs containing Source content, such as materials, maps and models. The .GCFs are mounted by every and any Source game.

I’d say the Orange Box and the Source Multiplayer Pack would be the best deal.

I’ve never gotten errors from not having DoD:S…

The biggest one is CS:S. Buy that and the Orange Box and you’re 95% sure not to get errors.

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And why are L4D1+2 on that list? It’s technically not the same engine.

Get CS:S, it will be the best 20$ of your GMod playing career.

Any source game

I know. It’s included in all source games, meaning you’ll get the source content from any source game. I didn’t see a need to clarify that it’s shared between the games since that’s not relevant to the question.

css and hl2 dm or reular should be gooD.

get hl2dm its the cheapest way to get source content