Which gamemodes does Facepunch hate?

From what I’ve seen, Facepunch doesn’t give a shit about Dark RP and hates Perp. Are there any other gamemodes that facepunch hates to the guts?

Actually we hate mostly all of the RP. Not saying all RP is bad, but most of it is hated.

Everything mainstream -0.0-

DarkRP for sure, and all PERP.

You mean any and all PERP 1.1 or above variants. PERP 1 was fine, its just these guys who add random numbers to their PERP version to ‘attract more players’, I’ve seen PERP servers with less features than the original yet still have a higher number.

DarkRP, PERP, and HL2 RP. That’s all I can think of off the top of my head.

Anything that’s not Tiramisu 2 or a custom OA schema.

Roleplay is awesome when you play with friends as they know what to do but most rp sucks since its gun fighting mostly

Well, that’s the challenge of designing rp, people want guns otherwise it gets boring, but you also have to make sure they don’t just go on killing sprees. RP is fun as long as people are, well rp’ing.

Roleplay can be done great if the administrative team is a good one, and the script is properly made, preferably something custom that doesn’t have glitchy features that players just abuse when they’re bored.

It takes work and effort and a good community to make Roleplay good, honestly.

Anyways, I hate DarkRP, PERP, and Sandbox.
I think it’d be more beneficial to talk about gamemodes we like though.
I like Sassilization, HL2RP, Experiemnt/Phase Four, Epidemic Roleplay (it WAS awesome), Garryware, TTT, and anything else that could be labeled as “non-generic”

All rp and rp variants are bad, they need to be removed.

I used to love HL2RP but it’s got to the point now where 80% of the servers are just plain awful mainly down to what Sharkey said regarding the admin teams.

All shitposters are bad and need to leave.


This one is actually fairly good.

Hell, I just saw PERP100.

I wouldn’t say “Hate” but I dislike Trouble In Terrorist Town. I could never get into it.

I fucking hate serious RP, it’s the most boring shit ever and I couldn’t give less of a fuck about its dumb bullshit. Unless you’re buttbuddies with an admin have fun trying to progress or do anything in general that might be half-way entertaining or amusing.

I hate any gamemode where the goal is to go around killing people or npcs. If i wanted to do that, I’d go play an FPS.

gmod is fps

I wish RP had no rules, no guardrails, no guidelines… Just fun.