Which GSP offer the best performance?

I used the search feature but really couldn’t find any discussion on which GSP uses the better hardware, more memeory allocated etc.
My current GSP is pretty good as far as their support goes but my server lags and rubber-bands a lot. The server was wiped about two weeks ago. I have played on servers with over one hundred people playing …and lag free. then I jump on mine and I have a ping of 45 and I rubber band. Many of my players rubber band and my server is a 50 pop server that never has more than 30 people playing at peak hours.

I really want to try another GSP but picking the right one is the issue.

I need the ability to run rust++ I need the ability to do backups myself, wipe myself, reinstal server myself, etc.

Does anyone know which providers offer the best performing servers?

I’m currently with FPS.

Our server is hosted through Multiplay, and I haven’t seen any issues. You should be able to all of the above with multiplay, including wipe yourself :wink: