Which half-life 2 level has the helicopter chase and big red tower crash?

Can anyone tell me which of the d1_canals level has the part where you get chased by the helicopter with the big red tower crash? I am going to make a screenshot. And do some stuff with it. Not in facepunch.
I don’t want to do it myself because of the reasons:

  1. Loading takes forever each time.
  2. In normal half-life 2 i have to wait much less, but I must go through the stopping parts and open gates etc.

You should just play it. It’s such an amazing game.

A helicopter chases you through much of the canal missions. Alas, I don’t remember any tower.

I think that he meant the falling chimney.

It’s d1_canals_10, right near the end of the map.


holy fuck that took me half an hour to find :gonk:

I don’t remember the tower, but I remember the hunter helicopter that chases you.


Also the question has already been answered :v:

thanks guys.
Close plz

I remember a helicopter, but not a giant red crash.

You know, I actually, for a second, felt sad for him when I [sp] shot him down with my airboat tazer[/sp]
And a Timenova has the same idea that I have!

Remember the scene when you’re on the airboat and the helicopter is chasing you, and then all of a sudden you see a headcrab canister crash into a giant brick chimney (or tower, i cant remember which), and the whole thing crashed down as you barely make it through without being crushed. Its one of the best moments in half life 2 but sadly not well remembered dood.

Just play Half Life 2 all the way till that point. It’s a refreshingly amazing game every playthrough.

Ahh, that bit. :slight_smile:


“A Timenova has the same idea that I have!” Typo or are you in the know about my plans?