Which host should I use for a custom DarkRP gmod server?

Hey I’m trying to figure out where to go to get my Garry’s mod server hosted. It’s a custom darkrp server. I want to find a host where I can manually add my files and addons, and mount stuff just like if I were hosting it myself.


define “custom”.

Any bad host will host darkrp.
Regarding you wanting a host where its like hosting it yourself, enjoy paying pretty much $60 / £50 a month.

By custom I mean being able to add addons and change files and adding loading screens and all that jazz.
And $60 a month? Holy.

Any company that hosts Garry’s Mod servers and doesn’t let you do all of that shouldn’t even be in business. $60 a month is not what you’re going to be paying for a basic server. $60 a month is more like renting full machine access (like having access to the actual desktop of the server and stuff). I don’t know of any hosts that won’t let you use addons or change files or loading screens. I recommend

Fast and professional customer support, along with DDoS mitigation.

Which is what he said he wanted. He wanted the ability to have a server as though he were hosting it himself. And by doing that you need a dedicated machine/server, which costs near minimum of $60