Which is better, GSP or VPS?

Me and a friend are considering getting a GMOD server. Which would be the best deal for my money, a VPS or a GSP?



VPS. GSPs are overpriced, overload their boxes, and just generally shitty.





Well, I think the overwhelming vote here is GSP.

4 people who have posted GSP in this thread work for xenon

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1 Person who posted VPS in this thread is a troll.

It really depends in your needs.

It’s fairly difficult to setup a GMOD server on a VPS.
I’d go with a GSP or a Dedicated Server.
Three Best GSP’s

Your hosting sucks, stop advertising it.

GSP. VPS’s tend to gather up major lag over time, saything this because I recently switched over to a GSP.

Also, I work for and am hosted at https://www.devildogshosting.com/ and I really like their service, it’s extremely cheap and my server doesn’t have much lag… Plus I’m awesome at tech support if you were to need it.

Theres no information on the features offered on the DDH website.

A VPS(linux) will be cheaper and better, but I would only recommend one if you would be able to manage it.

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