Which is the best server host for a Garry's Mod server? (NOT DarkRP)

Hello FP User, I’m wanting t o transfer from NFO at the end of my month to a new server host, due to some problems. What I require in a hosting company:

  1. Has to be stable.
    This is one of the reasons I am going to be leaving NFO. My server got constantly DDoS’d, NOT directly, but it was strong enough to effect the hole machine / box thing it was on. After a machine move, I had problem with the server not staying online, they apologized and said it was something going wrong with that machine, so another move.

  2. Has to be SECURE (Is this even possible these days??)
    Someone was able to get into my FTP via a “Shell Injection”, I was told, along with two different exploits NFO currently has not patched up. I’m going to be hosting an old game mode I got fixed up and I’m worried that al lthe work gone into it will be for nothing along with I don’t want anyone to be able to access my things.

  3. Price
    I don’t mind paying a little extra for some privacy but I don’t want to be paying out the @$$ for it.

  4. Something that has an okay support.
    A place that I can go to in case of an emergency, such as if I’m for some reason getting DDoS’d or the machine has a problem. I don’t want to wait a week for a response.

These are my main requirements for a server hosting company, I’m not sure where I can find them. So I’m turning to you FP user to help me out.

there’s another thread basically on the same, but I guess you want a place where you buy a gmod server by it’s slots and it’s all managed for you, rather than like buying a linux/windows server and making it your self? I dunno who the best gmod server place is in that case

Elpis Host, no questions asked.
Been with them for years, I’d never look at NFO again.

Digital Ocean’s VPS, they are cheaper and run better than any of the two companies mentioned above, no debating that. The only downside is that you’ll have to know how to make a server and use Linux.

Making a server would not be the problem, I’m more worried about people getting into my FTP. :confused:

With Digital Ocean they encourage using SSH keys, more secure than normal sftp login.

Read section 12.1 in Digital Oceans ToS. We don’t terminate for excessive use of CPU - they do. Also it’s only luck if you get on a 3Ghz CPU with them since they also use 2Ghz nodes.

But I’m not going to keep arguing with you. Have a good day :slight_smile:

if a gmod server is maxing out cpu for hours at a time it’s a good indication you need to fix something, plus i’d say termination is a good thing, i’d rather know that i have to keep my server in check AND that everyone else is, in a worst case scenario if every other guy on the same physical box is using the worlds worst, 100% cpu all the time server and no one stops them your server might feel shit too even if you spent time optimizing it

I wasn’t referring to 100% cpu usage for hours at a time. Excessive use is at DO’s discretion. Nothing in the TOS actually says how much would qualify as excessive use.

But by your logic hosts should ban Sandbox servers entirely then because they can burst up to 100% of a core for hours at a time. This is legitimate usage and not someone spamming them and leaving the server.

I really don’t believe that they would delete your vps for using 100% of the cpu for hours at a time since you (the customer) are paying for it. They probably just have that there just as a way out in special circumstances. I’ve been at 100 cpu on my server for a good 2-3 hours testing the limits without any complaints. Also they provide SSDs with every server you buy, 20gb of space for $5.

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You could make two vpses, one being the game server (let’s say 26 players in this example) and the other being a web server/databases for half the price of one 26 player server from you guys.

you also sell game servers, not vpses, dunno why it’s even being compared

Look at vultr. It’s KVM virtualization so you don’t have to worry about them getting mad about CPU usage. Runs perfect for me and they respond to all my tickets in under 15 minutes. (http://www.vultr.com/?ref=6823766) yes it is a ref link, but whatever, remove the ref if you want to be that way.

digital ocean is also KVM

Yeh, they both use the whole cloud hosting thing.

Digital Ocean is $20/mo for what cost $15/mo on vultr though. Same exact specs. Plus vultr gives you a free $5 and $2 for liking on FB or something.

or you can get $10 for free on digital ocean, plus their support & networks are far better, and vultr’s dashboard feels a little cheap to me, it’s basically just bootstrap with a custom layout, guess vultr works fine but DO is still cheaper than a lot of places yet still probably one of the highest quality, most used places around right now

You could PROBABLY get away with DigitalOcean if you were running something simple such as TTT, but for DarkRP what with people often building with physics prop I’m not so confident. Consider something a bit less developer oriented, RamNode offers pretty cheap VPS packages that they claim would work well for srcds.

if “physics props” is your worry, like I said i’ve had sandbox servers work fine, DO and ramnode should have no real difference, the ramnode guys seem to know what they’re doing and apparently don’t oversell so performance would be similar, DO might be developer orientated but that doesn’t mean developers don’t ever need a lot of cpu performance too

DO VPSes have E5s (from what I can tell, all of their plans do), low end RN VPSes have the same kind of E5s but RN also offers premium VPSes with the faster E3 processors. You’ll probably want to spring for the latter if you plan on running a sandbox server with lots of physics shit.

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doing a bit of pr I see :v:

i really don’t think anyone would be able to tell the difference between them in a gmod server, you’d also be paying a lot more for ramnode’s E3 ones

The E5s are clocked at 2.3 and the E3s are clocked at 3.3, I bet you they’d make a pretty big difference in single core applications like Gmod.