Which is the best way to protect Quarries ?

Hey Guys
I have one Quarry and one High External Wall around them, but they are not ladder proof. Which is the best way to make them ladder proof ?? Barrickades ? I saw one guy which make ceilings on top of the Compound walls. How is it possible?

Baricades and if you are rich enough i put snap traps on that walls

I just put metal barricades all the way. I put 1x1 with a cupboard in the back and a 1x2 on the front so i can get in to the quarry, in the side room of the 1x2 i put a cupboard and chest and i put ladder protection on it.

I’ve just about decided that High External Walls (HEWs) are useless in this regard. Normally I build bases around my quarries, but I decided to give a go at using HEWs on a quarry I built up north away from my main. Here’s what I tried:

Ring of walls around the quarry.
Mines along the top of this wall.
Ring of metal barricades around the wall.
ANOTHER ring of walls around the barricades.
ANOTHER ring of barricades around the walls.

So… Quarry --> Mined Wall --> Barricade --> Wall --> Barricade

And it did not work.

It turns out that you can stand on top of barricades. You take a little bit of damage when you initially land on them, but if you don’t move, you’re fine. So someone was able to jump on top of the outside ring of barricades (to replicate this, I had to do the “jump from a buddy’s head” thing) and stand on them while he placed a ladder on my outside wall. Then he went over the wall and jumped down onto the inner ring of barricades and placed another ladder to get up and over the inside wall. He had to suicide on the mines though (since they’re close enough that more than one will always explode, meaning you can’t survive it).

They left their ladders behind and I was shocked when I saw it. I honestly didn’t believe it could be that easy, so I replicated it with a buddy of mine. And… It was that easy.

For all the work I put in, it’s pretty frustrating that it can be overcome by two ladders. Due to this (and a repair issue I’ll explain below), I am most likely going to abandon this quarry and go back to building bases around them. A moderately decent stone base requires a few rockets to get into, meaning that even a full quarry won’t really repay the cost of entry.

Repair Issue:
So, it turns out that you cannot repair a HEW from on top of the HEW. I had intentionally left my outer wall free of mines because my plan was to get onto it (from inside the structure I use as a gate) and walk along the top of it to repair it. I can’t just repair it from the ground because it’s sandwiched between rings of barricades.

Imagine my surprise the first time I tried this to find my hammer hitting the wall over and over, but nothing changing. It’s not a case of lag or anything like that. The game just doesn’t consider you close enough to repair the wall when you’re on top of it. So, no matter what I do, my outside ring is doomed to crumble and die.

Thx for the response.
I will not use foundation around the quarry because its very expensive.
I build one HEW ring around my quarry and then i will use barricades around them. Metall Ore is very easy to get so its cheaper.

HEWs are worthless as a standalone wall.

I find they are tricky to place if you want them to look “nice”.

For protecting anything…meh.

One TIP: save your cupboard very good. My mining quarry was stolen because they reached my tool cabinet. They used 12 C4.

How are the wooden ones? I realize they take at least 2 C4, but are there any easy shortcuts around the barbs?