Which linux in most suitable for server hosting?

Yeah pretty much want to know which Linux OS would be most suitable for hosting servers on

I guess they’re all pretty much the same. Depends really on what you like the most.

I’d recommend Debian, since it’s stable and seems to work well with Steam and hlds and whatnot.

debian wheezy is good if you are hosting a gmod server and you don’t want to mess about with downloading the latest gcc

If I recall correctly, Valve actually target/test on Ubuntu. That could be wrong, and even if it is the case Debian might be a better choice. I have a debain and Ubuntu server, Ubuntu is kind of nice because it’s usually got everything setup for you (plus it has a great documentation). One is not more reliable than the other, though, since Ubuntu is ‘built on top’ of Debian. It comes down to which OS you’d prefer to work with…and if you’re really tight for hardware Debian will bundle less extras - so out the box will use less resources

I would recommend a kernel of Linux that does not use, have, or support a Graphical User Interface (GUI) such as CentOS.

All of the server-version of the distros don’t come with a DE.

You must have never ran a Linux server…

And? That has to be installed. It doesn’t come prepackaged.

Even so if you’re running a Linux server with a GUI it’s just a massive waste of resources, I personally run a server from home using Debian and I haven’t ran into any issues.

To which nobody is disagreeing with.

However the most major distros support a GUI, the moron above said that you should avoid any that even support them. To which im sure CentOS server could support a gui if the operator so wished.

I prefer Ubuntu and it seems Valve is supporting that first

Does this server seem alright to you guys?

DELL PowerEdge 1RU
2x 146GB SAS Drives
2x Single Core XEON 3.0Ghz
4GB ECC Memory
500GB Bandwidth
1TB Bandwidth
1 IPv4 IP Address
10GB Backup Space

Yar, it be fine for general fun :).

The only thing it wouldn’t be fine for is excessive servers, such as 50 slot DarkRP, or 80/100 slot cinema servers/50 slot TTT etc. For most other servers it will excel at it.

Although, if you’re going to be purchasing and colocating within UK (and most of EU) it can often we worth buying newer hardware just for lower power consumption. They really over charge for power at my DC :frowning: