which logic entities to use for this?

if (a AND b AND c)
// execute this
} elseif (!a AND !b AND !c) {
// execute that

I thought logic_multicompare would do it, but it seems to be accumulating values.

logic_case maybe? :S

try [“code”]["/code"] tags

but remove the Quotes.

or try [“cpp”] ["/cpp"]

remove the Quotes.

Use a math_counter and a logic_case. Whenever a, b, or c becomes true, increment the counter, and when any become false, decrement the counter. So if they’re all false, the math_counter will have a value of 0, and when they’re all true, the math_counter will have a value of 3. Use these values with the logic_case to determine the output.

fake edit: This could be a problem if they all start false because the case will trigger immediately.

real edit: This can be avoided with a logic_compare, since you can tell it when to compare. Set the compare value to 3 then compare, then set the compare value to 0 then compare.

Oh, you mean the [noparse]

[/noparse] tags?

Some people don’t know about the [noparse] tags

Use math counter, no need for logic_case.

Edit : It will trigger the “!” value without doing anything though

i might be wrong, but i think that could be fixed by enabling it everytime it’s supposed to be used, and disabled when it isn’t

Yes, that will work