Which map idea sounds most appealing?

I’ve brainstormed a bunch of map ideas, and just want to know what you think of them. I’m going to take one of them and begin designing it out and then make it in Hammer as my first HL2:DM/Garrys mod map. Don’t confuse this thread for a ‘help me make up my mind’ thread, as I am making my own decisioin; just looking for input on the originality and creative input from the far more experienced mappers. Which ideas do you like? Which ones sound like shit? What are some initial design choices that run through your mind?


Abandoned research station in Alaskan mountains. Massive bloodstains and a chilled atmosphere serve to remind of a horrible crime that has yet to be solved. Cold, slightly snowy. 4 – 8 players, symmetrical arena. Recessed into a snowy, rocky pit, the flurry of snow and cold steel gives the map a predominantly white and bluish silver color scheme. Set at night with a cloudy sky and lots of snow, the outside of the map has low visibility and is very dull because of the lighting and snow. Lighting is important on this map to give it the proper atmosphere.


Crescent Moon-shaped island in the Caribbean that is home to two surveillance bases. A bright and sunny sky, shimmering blue-green water, and tropical flora give the map a deceivingly peaceful atmosphere. 8-16 players, large symmetrical objective map. The bases face each other across the water, and is the fastest way to get to the other side. However that path is wide open. Traversing the island features a path for infantry as well as vehicles. Wilson Base offers both land, sea, and air transportation.


Rural area on the outskirts of a city. 6-12 players, medium asymmetrical objective map. Muddy hills dominated by large Oak trees, bearing autumn colors, with a grey, cloudy sky and light rain serve to create a mottled red, yellow, brown, and orange color palette. A run-down and nearly destroyed two-floor brick building plays host to the defensive team on the higher ground, while the offensive team calls a cluster of abandoned farm equipment home. Rolling hills with ravines and numerous oak trees make this an open map, but still with plenty of opportunities for cover and stealth.


Thick forested area in the Amazon rainforest, with a small clearing in the middle. 2-8 players, small asymmetrical deathmatch map. Many grasses, trees, and twisting, hidden pathways combined with a hazy mist leaves visibility in this map very poor. Many greens and browns dominate the color palette. A central dirt road passes through the map, providing player orientation and traffic focus. Overhead view looks like three circles overlapping.


A combination of a cave, visitor’s center, walkways, and a beach offer different terrains intermingling with one another. 10-16 players, large asymmetrical deathmatch map. Early morning setting casts an orange glow on the classy, angular visitor’s center, the rough brown rocks of the cave, the dark blue of the water, and the sandy beach.


Two opposing camps separated by a series of sand dunes in the Arabian Desert. 8-16 players, symmetrical objective map. Yellowish browns and a sandwashed sky dominate the color palette, broken only by the mottled green tents in the camps. Offers vehicles for land or air approach, but traversing by foot is also possible. Rolling sand dunes break long lines of sight, but make you vehicle bait. Occasionally the wind will pick up, drastically dropping visibility because of the sand it picks up. Howling wind will signify one of these events.


A flowery, colorful clearing nestled between two rocky cliffs, with several streams and a central creek that coalesce into a pond on one side. 4-8 players, small asymmetrical objective map. Predominantly green and brown, this brightly lit garden is covered with flowers and orchids of all colors, shapes, and sizes.

**RAZED **

A remote village razed by napalm finds itself slowly crumbling under the steady advance of a deadly flame. 6-12 players, medium symmetrical deathmatch map. The map finds itself cast in a violent orange glow as the surrounding fire throws hot embers up into the air amidst the smoke. Criss-crossing streets and alleys offer long lines of sight and quick travel, but any building is a possible home to set up shop.


And old Cold War-era military base rife with traps and interconnecting hallways. 4-8 players, small asymmetrical deathmatch map. In the hallways, powerful overhead lights create strong shadows and provide players with ample places to hide and ambush their opponents. A mostly grey and metallic/cement color palette tinged yellow-white by the lights. (A re-imagining of the map “Bunker” from Conker’s Bad Fur Day). Certain parts of the level have traps that can be activated by a player.


An abandoned scrapyard that offers a trove of treasure for those who look. 8-12 players, medium symmetrical objective map. With wide spaces and unobstructed pathways, vehicles have the right-of-way on this map; however players who travel by foot can find cover behind pieces of scrap strewn about near the large piles. Rusted steel and dirt give this map a mostly brown palette, punctuated occasionally by a colorful piece of metal and foliage.


A long, narrow gorge with train tracks running down its length. 6-12 players, medium semi-symmetrical deathmatch map.While a center track runs unobstructed down the length of the gorge, rocks and other cover let players have the opportunity to circle around and flank their opponent. Rock walls and gravel give this map a mostly grey color palette, with the occasional brown and green from wooden structures and foliage.


A downtown dance club brightly lit against the night sky. 4-8 players, asymmetrical deathmatch/objective map. A remake of “Hollywood Holocaust” from Duke Nukem 3D/64. Urban buildings brightly lit by neon advertising sheds light on the main avenue; the dance floor is dark and offers solace (and music) in the shadows if you avoid the roving strobe lights; the grocery store offers narrow aisles to hunt in; and upstairs offers a VIP room.


Two bases face off across open ground in this indoors training facility. 4-8 players, symmetrical objective map. Remake of ‘Colors’ from Conker’s Bad Fur Day. A central ‘canyon’ leads directly from one base to the other, but is subject to fire from all three ‘towers’ of each base. Alternate routes exist on the left and right sides. Each base consists of three towers: The middle, with a turret; the right, with access to the base objective; and the left, with a sniper rifle. Cement and wood gives this map a grey-brown base; with each base painted crudely to resemble team colors ‘blue’ and ‘red.’ Paintball splatters and scratched paint give this map a very ‘used’ feel to it.


Many interconnecting walkways and platforms surround this North Korean nuclear missile silo. 4-8 players, asymmetrical deathmatch map. Remake of ‘Lockout’/’Blackout’ from Halo. Surrounded by rocky walls, this map is lit by overhead spotlights and indoor lighting, with silvers and greys broken occasionally by hazard signs and warning lights. Below the see-through main platform is a nuclear missile.

I breezed through them.

Basically, no one really cares what you make, as long as what you make has a feel to it. It should contain an atmosphere, but not just that. A map should look like someone has crafted it, not just made it. It is the difference between tasting food and eating it.

Just make what YOU think is the most appealing. You don’t want to map something you don’t really want to make. Just pick an idea you think you’d have the most fun doing, because that’s really what mapping it. Jut have fun with it, and enjoy creating something that you want to make, and as long as you do that, it’ll be great.

I like them all, you should do whichever one you like best. Do you care if I attempt the Eden map?

I personally really like the crescent moon island one, it sounds like a brilliant idea, the compromise between the quick and risky or the slower and more safe

OP I’m not seeing the required train antic’s map. You’ll be fined if I do not see it in <insert number here> days.

@ Mr. Uber Ostrich–go ahead, all I ask is to see it when it’s done!

@ cakemaster, that’s the driving idea behind that map concept.

It’s interesting in Deathmatch maps when the environment really plays with the action. Not in the sense that pushing someone off a cliff kills them, but jumping mechanisms, moving platforms, and conveyor belts are really cool as long as the game doesn’t spaz out around them.

Deathmatch maps have a very iterative design process, and like any other map, I think an abstract gameplay plan should come before a location to fit it in. It looks like you’ve got your general ideas down well, but I just want to regurgitate the importance of testing and iterating layout before detailing.

One of the biggest issues here is ease, I suggest sticking to a locale with either high re-usability of premade game assets, or a low demand for custom assets.

Haha Mr. Chop, that point (testing, testing, testing) is one my teacher is driving home. (I’m in Game Dev). I’m going to use my base knowledge from that class and apply it to this map design as well. I’m the kind of guy that factors in how long it takes to get between two objects, line of sight, movement speed, and relative sizes of the players.

I would reccommed that you find some testers that are not people you personally know. They are more likely to give non-bias feedback.

That would be a good idea, but what about the fact that not everyone can be trusted. I say to let people you’ve known for a while and can trust test it. I’ve seen too many people let others playtest their map, and then end up getting the map leaked or stolen.

The guys i used for sanctuary gave me good feedback and didn’t leak. As far as i know, none of the testers hazard used leaked apocalypse. If people really can’t find testers, my services are free for as long as i remain unemployed…when i am employed, i will be too shattered to want to test for other people as well.

If you don’t mind, I wouldn’t mind testing. I have never leaked someones map nor do I really see the point, it just ruins development. Message me if you want my steam name.

There should be a private steam group of map testers.

I can test if you’d really like, though I’m hardly qualified to say anything about the map except whether it’d be unbalanced in a game or if it looks nice or not :v:

Caribbean moon island please

I like the ideas of Sandblasted and Snakebite the most, but they all could potentially be great maps

Would love to see Headquarters and help test any of these map ideas.

Personally I like the concepts for Eden, Razed, and Twisted Steel the most though it’s entirely up to you.

I’d be willing to help with testing as well if needed.

I died laughing.