Which Map Should I continue?

Over the past year or so I have started to create different styles of maps experimenting with lighting, architecture, entities etc. These maps are:

My Under Ground Lab map - Currently just some tracks incased in tunnels and quite open areas, being one of my favourite maps I experimented useing different styles of architecture seen mostly everywhere thoughout the map, ceiling, walls, floor even the track. I also used alot of different variety of lighting which I believe suits the setting and creates a nice atmosphere.






Ep1 Style Abandoned Hospital - This map was obviously inspired after playing Episode 1, going through the zombie infested hospital. I thought why not try making something like that, which is why below are several screenshots of my abandoned hospital. To make it look more abandoned I had ripped up floor tiles, debris and props littering the building, overhead surports - pipes and beams hanging down all of which accompanied by a blue hospital lighting creating a nice atmosphere split up with green exit signs and other sources of coloured lighting. Of course this was not finished, I planned to have less lighting and more natural lighting comeing in from the outside, through holes in the wall, ceiling and through windows.







And Thirdly my latest map Bunker- This map was inspired like the hospital map by Valves episodic games, Episode 2; White Forest Army base. White Forest included alot of new props and textures which I hope to take liberty of when SDK is updated for the Episode 2, Curently I have no Screenshots but I do have a short video of the airlock sequence of my Bunker. At first it was too much like Black Mesa East, using smoke aswell as a laser scanning the subject inside the airlock, I did away with the laser put in a camera(not shown in the video) and kept the smoke. I like the outcome, although timing is off on a few logic relays it shows an outline of what should be happening.


So I want to know which I should continue with and any ideas I could implement into them. Comments and Critisism Is always welcome.

I suggest continuing on the train one because it kinda reminds me of black mesa and also brings the old felling back also

maybe just maybe you can out do valve’s HL1 remake of the first level :stuck_out_tongue:

Better idea; teach me all about your style of mapping so I can improve my interiors. :v:

Really though, those are all pretty awesome. I think the first would have the most use in posing, though the hospital could be good for zombies and the bunker could be good for RP. And the first could too, actually.

I’d say either make the hospital a ZS or Z-Day map, or make the first or third map an RP map. You could also make the hospital a single-player map. (Or string all these together?)

Oh, and one last note. Remember, Black-Mesa East doesn’t have a patent on smoke, nor airlocks. :v:

Don’t pick one. Work on whichever one you feel like working on at a given time. They’re all decent and have great potential. You’re not on any deadlines for them, so keep them all going!

The “underground lab”.
We have far too many “abandoned hospital” type maps already, and it doesn’t really show off your skill.

You might want to make a few extra-high-resolution textures for that underground lab map, though. I noticed a bit of tiling on some of the larger walls. Even a normal resolution texture scaled up with a detail texture on top of it will work.

The former, it’s good portfolio filler because it’s more original, and the lighting is superb.

The hospital, the lab is more impressive but I find that maps of that size generally lack detail, the hospital is much more practical.

continue on the abandoned hospital!

Underground Lab, definitely.

No it won’t!! :dance:

If you feel you can fill the space then go for it, I’d run catwalks all over the place personally, and pipes, but you’ll need to do that everywhere.

Big open spaces generally don’t look good unless they exist to allow you to see lots of other stuff.

Also I know what you mean, it’s hard to add alot of detail, most of mine is just the base outline sort of thing, not much detail but the architecture.


The last screenshot of the underground lab is hugely open but I feel I could add alot of stuff to it.

Hospital/Lab thing.

Undergorund lab or Hospital livewire?

I’d say the first, the Underground Lab, because it seems like the one with the most charm, origional too (Or atleast not common) But if you can give the hospital a more eye catching spark, go for it.

Underground lab.

Sounds like the underground lab wins.

Oh, and underground lab.

Undergound lab all of the way :slight_smile: They all look really good, but underground lab has a half-life 1 feel to it.

The hospital one but put NPC’s in it and turn it into a SP mini-mod. Hell you could use the underground lab too.

Underground Lab