Which Models Needed

Well ok, I’m new on these forums. I bought G-Mod like a month ago, and I actually am good at the game but I’m having some trouble on d-loading PHX and Wire stuff, I mean, i d-loaded PHX-Storm yesterday, don’t remember for what reason, and some maps and hoverboats I d-load says I need Wire, PHX and Spacebuild. I get confused because I’ve already searched Wire on garrysmod.org and it gives me a list with a lot of “Wires” but none of them has Wire on the name. What should I do? What should I d-load to build nice things and see models correctly? I need specific answers :3

PS: Someone might have asked this before and I think some peeps will say “Use the forum search blabla” but I’m new and I’m starting to get used to this yet. ^^
and if someone plays Crossfire, let me know ^-^

First of all, Phoenix-Storms and Wiremod are the most used addons in Garry’s Mod, except for maybe a few STools. Here’s the kicker, you can’t download them from Garrysmod.org.

The reason? They’re too frequently updated, so you end up with a version months, or even years old, and therefore you get confused to hell because you don’t know what to do. Read this topic: http://www.facepunch.com/showthread.php?t=688324

That will guide you through the installation of SVN addons like Wiremod, PHX, or anything else that says SVN. That tutorial also includes the SVNs for Spacebuild and the Spacebuild Enhancement Pack.

NicatronTG is right, all the gmod.org stuff is copies and lies. Trust me, its better to get the original
You could get a virus downloading the copies. So go to the origional.

Edit: Who needs to spell correctly when there is worlds to destory!

How come nobody can spell “original” properly on this forum?

Because the smartness system was removed. Worst mistake ever.

Ok, thanks…

Slightly off topic, but this is why I use Firefox. My OCD prevents me from ignoring anything underlined that I know that I misspelled, so I end up correcting everything.

No problem, hope it works out for yah.