Which ones should I finish/continue!?

So, I have a ton of projects sitting in my mapping folder and I really don’t know which ones to finish… So I want to know which ones you think I should finish. Also you can say ideas of what you think I should add.
First! This is one of my most recent maps that I have been working on, although I am currently stuck.


This one is extremely old! Some error started happening on it, so I gave up. (Bridge is all brushwork)


Here is a video of one, although this one has been buried in my mapping folder and don’t know what to do with it.

This is a more recent thing, but it was made by request and I never finished it, so it has just been rotting in my folder. (Not my greatest thing made…)


This is one of my oldest projects (I think) that has been worked on like once a month or so. I don’t know what else to add… HELP!


So there they are the main ones, which ones do you think I should continue/work on. Or you can comment on each one and tell me what to add or what to take away. Thanks.

All of them!

last one looks good.

All of them! I was gonna say that before i even saw his post

I will eventually (hopefully) finish them all sooner or later, but I want to focus on one, if you don’t have one to focus on comment and criticism for each one?


4th one would be perfect as a mini shit-your-self map.

5 and 2.

Jesus Christ convert that bridge brushwork to a model.

First and Last.

I should do this with my maps, I have way too many halfway finished .vmfs

In my opinion, one and five. They just stand out the most to me.

Nice work on all of them though!

Talking about others making pointless threads. Continue the one you want to continue. Anyway, 3.

Is this a question that is idiotic… No… I am a serious mapper who can actually map. Who has a serious question… I have tons of these maps more then just these ones sitting in my folders. Also if you were to of actually of read what I was trying to say in those threads, it’s that people make stupid threads that can easily be answered by Google or the mappers encyclopedia, this one has major content of good/detailed maps.

Now please kindly stay out of my threads, I have dropped it, why can’t you. Seems like everyone else has.

Now if you respond to this with a stupid remark I will not respond to it, as it will just ruin the threads purpose of which one/ones I should continue mostly on.

There is nothing wrong with this thread. It has enough content and proper questions to be it’s own thread.

Re rail: Finish the 5th, it looks the best to me.

1 and 5.

Combine them all and you have T3H_L33T map1

Two and Five.

One, Three, anf Five should DEFINITLY be continued. You look like a great mapper, and I can’t wait to see one of your maps released!

One, Two, Three, Four, and Five. All of them.

Thanks, currently I have been incredibly busy with school, enlisting in military (done), and other things. You would be surprised how many maps I have that look great but are never released/shown.