Which part of Rust do you hate?

The fact that I am not playing it RIGHT this second!

For those of you playing in all honesty which part right now would you say you dislike the most?

the players

The fact that I don’t have a key.

the game in general

that i cant get a key :frowning:

the fact that people literally won’t stop posting about the stupid game and basically everything in latest posts, popular threads, and the ticker are about it

The community.

The excitement! Man, It’s really pulling a great effect, C’mon guys, we wait, and wait, for the chance to get a glimpse of the game before it really is ready to be what it will be (wut.), But the suspense is what keeps us active and waiting! I personally, am impatient in matters like this, but hey, this effect keeps us roped in. The games going to be great, and the suspenseful wait and hope will make the release that much better. :smiley:

the awful community that’s slowly bleeding out of the containment board.

The constant and relentless begging for keys, which is clogging up the forum.

Or the fact that people don’t take the time to read rules and FAQ’s before posting about the game in the forums or actually jumping in game

The community is terrible now that the lets players are playing it.

Well I’m happy for the games success so I can’t say I mind the influx of…young people. Not overly stoked to see the amount of entitlement displayed in this community toward newcomers, but again, such is life.

I guess I don’t currently hate a single thing about this game thus far. I dislike that I won’t be playing with my friends for a while yet, however, since I’m privileged enough to be involved with the game from the alpha onward means I’ll probably stay with this game for a long time. They will come later.

I can’t reenact the sniper scene from Schindler’s List when I wake up at dawn in my tower and see a person looting a chest…

schindler’s list is not a movie to be reenacting

edit: erm, i mean you shouldn’t reenact the part of the Nazis.

I pardon you

All the new people that know nothing about Facepunch, it gets old fast.

if you think that sniping innocent jewish people from your mansion next to a prison camp is something you should be reenacting then you should reevaluate your life

I hate the flashlight/flare bug
I hate having to click 1000 times to make gunpowder
I hate that the real game doesn’t start until you get a metal door
I hate that I can’t give people access to my doors
I hate that I can’t remove structures I have built

I hate my neighbors on the hill :stuck_out_tongue:

That’s all I can think of right now. Love everything else. Good news is I am confident they will all be addressed at some point.

Then I guess every single person in society who made a joke based on race, religion, or controversial beliefs should reevaluate their lives as well.

if that’s what you gathered from what i said then yes, you should

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what i actually meant was that you shouldn’t be relating a docudrama about a man who saves thousands of innocent lives from genocide to a game about hitting people with axes