Which part of Rust do you love?

Just to see what people think.

I was wondering what part of Rust to people love the most, which part they think could be changed and in what way.

If you were helping create the game, what would you add and why?

It will be interesting to see what people think and if any idea’s get taken from here and put into the game :slight_smile:

Personally I love a survival type games where you get the freedom to do what you want when you want. To go at something in a different way every time, thinking on the spot getting the adrenaline rush. I’ve not played the game yet but I think they should add some radioactive rounds to be crafted. So you have to find some kind of radioactive water take a sample While having that sample on you being radiated But once they’ve been turned into radioactive rounds the radiation is sealed in the rounds.

Its great… when it works.

I love the part where I get KOSd after mining for two hours

The amazing and mature fanbase

The one on the upper left corner

Lukeo - A assume you are being sarcastic. Love the game but the non stop killing and spawn camping has been very disappointing… Kinda expected a mature enthusiast community, not kids… Oh well at least the game is promising!

I Love that I cant get a key to play this game and i can just lurk on everyone in forum too increase my fantasy of playing it :3 one day… ONE DAY!

Most of us have that feeling, but we can’t to anything so just enjoy talking to the community and be friendly :slight_smile: Like good little boys and girls :slight_smile:

A mature enhusiastic community and not kids in a game that doesn’t cost money… hehhehhee

Actually I like the bandits and all the KoS stuff. It makes the game challenging, otherwise I wouldn’t have anything to do. First time I played, everyone was friendly, I got invited in someone’s house and I was like “huh okay, what do I do now? I’ve got everything I need” then I just disconnected.

A few days ago I started playing again and got killed a hundred times before I could achieve anything (i.e. build a shelter and a sleeping bag). Now I have a gun and I play just like everyone else, killing on sight, setting traps in people houses, pillaging, etc. Sometimes I get nice loot, sometimes I get killed. But that’s the game, I plan everything to minimize the risks and to make sure people don’t get good stuff on my dead body.

I love the game and have really high hopes for it. Me personally I love hunting for craft items to build my own settlement as I’m not a minecraft player this is the first game in which I have done this. Its a great feeling when you have built your own place and you feel safe…until someone is lurking outside with an axe at your door :slight_smile: andreniling really kicks in.

Perhaps they could add some sort of leveling system,for crafting,building, adding traps… etc.
(Note just an idea) XD

I think that idea is good, once you die you keep your level and all level 5’s for exmaple have access to the same things, so no skill tree. or XP gained for doing something but only goes towards that one thing, for example craft a wall get 5XP for crafting and will be able to eiter craft 5% quicker at max level or build something better.

The amount of idea’s are endless it’s just which ones will make the game stand out more than it already does

The part where people die. Chop chop.

The new naked models. :v:



The sunrise.

And metal doors.

I like the fact that player-killing is way more profitable than actual mining and gathering. And the extremely low droprate of metal doors made harder by groups camping new people is pretty cool too.

Overall, great experience

Naked models. If I can’t run around naked with a hatchet, scaring the living hell out of other players then this game servers no purpose to me.

What we need is a chainsaw and the account name PatrickBateman