Which program to use

I have read the list of programs to use for the different modeling programs, but it doesn’t talk about which is better. Which one is the best for a new user that has never used a modeling program before. All I want to use this for is experimenting around. (I don’t care about prices, just fyi)

[li]Autodesk 3D Studio Max (a.k.a 3DS Max)[/li][li]Autodesk Maya[/li][li]Autodesk Softimage XSI[/li][li]Milkshape 3D[/li][li]Blender[/li][li]Google SketchUp[/li][li]Cinema 4D[/li][li]Softimage Mod Tool[/li][li]Wings 3D[/li][li]DAZ Studio 3D[/li][/ul]

28 views and no one has responded. You guys are quite helpful!

Well now you’ve insulted us, we just wanna help more :downs:

Well at least you posted, but in all seriousness. Anyone got anything about OP question?

Lots of plugins for maya and 3ds. I use 3ds. Beginner’s would probably be blender.

I would use 3D Studio Max in your place. Great for Source engine too.

I use Blender because it’s free.

I’ve tried 3DS and XSI, but I found those quite difficult to use. Blender gives me no problems.

Blender also run faster, and uses far less disk space.

Also, you’ll care about price when you realize 3DS is about $5,000

I suggest 3DS Max. Most tutorials, most plugins, easiest to use.


Haha Google Sketchup, who the hell uses that?

I do :3: