Which Programs Do You Use For Modelling ?

Which programs do you use for modelling ?

All reply’s to be appreciated.

I ask for modelling props etc.

Are you asking for curiosity or do you want advice on which to choose? There are many threads asking the same thing usually on the front page even.

Some free ones could be Blender 3D, Maya PLE, XSI Mod Tool or Gmax. Commercial ones like 3dsMax, Maya, Cinema4D and XSI cost a long penny but do have trial versions if you want to try them.

I currently use a combination of MilkShape 3D and Hexagon 2.5, with Ultimate Unwrap 3D for UV-mapping and other clean-up purposes.

I use XSI Mod Tool, it’s a bit hard to use at first, but easy to learn

thansk for replys

XSI Mod Tool.

3ds max 9, very easy to use, and at the same time very advanced when you want it to be.