Which role-play is the best?

Which role-play do you think is the best make a server in sbox, and why? And which one is the fastest to do?

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furry roleplay

because furries

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There isn’t a best roleplay per se, but I guess out of all of those we currently have Star Wars RP would gain the most benefits from switching to S&box.
Real planets with simulated gravity, (hopefully) bigger maps, better physics, and most of the assets are already available.


I think Starwars RP has to be one of if not the best forms of RP on Garry’s Mod. The amount of lore behind it allows developers to make their servers so interesting and fun to play.

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I’ve never truly tried that game mode because of all the outrageous download sizes for content. But perhaps I’ll find a good one sometime.

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unironically true gonna make this day #1 and rake in the dosh :clinking_glasses::sunglasses::sunglasses::sunglasses::sunglasses::smirk::flushed::beers:


HALF-LIFE 2 or S.T.A.L.K.E.R is good games for RP in S&Box. Also I’m prefer serious roleplay servers on CW or HELIX instead DarkRP.


I always liked to play DarkRP, at least a quarter of my playtime of 3.000+ hours was put into DarkRP. So I personally would say DarkRP should for sure make a comeback in S&Box.

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Erotic Roleplay


Half life 2 RP, the serious stuff with good maps. None of this darkrp bs


As far as I know this was never implemented in GMod, but I really enjoy freeform styles of RP with a heavy focus on story and player-driven storytelling. Something like DnD, but not quite.

This form of RP existed within Warcraft III as a series of sandbox-style maps where each player could build/setup whatever they fancied, and then roleplay whatever they wanted within their own setups.

Sometimes there was a designated GM that coordinated the session, but most of the times there wasn’t - as a result this led to a lot of incredibly creative and emergent roleplay. Predictably a lot of the times it was very chaotic, but that mostly depended on getting the right group of people.

I still believe that this form of RP lends itself much better to rich storytelling and world-building than what was typical for GMod. By contrast, in retrospective, GMod RP seems much more limited in that regard where you’re restricted to controlling only one character at a time, being at the whims of the server admins, and constrained by the myriad of mechanical limitations imposed by the gamemode.

Unfortunately this style of RP died together with Warcraft III, and the game itself was a very poor medium - you had to re-build everything each time, there was no reconnecting, the games crashed a lot and it was easily ruined if your roleplay partner crashed/disconnected in the midst of a session. It was incredibly frustrating at times.

When S&box comes out I really, really want to recreate this style of RP as a gamemode, because it’s such a different and unique experience compared to anything else GMod used to have. I think a lot of people who enjoy more “serious” types of roleplay would enjoy this style very much.


I can see that. It does not sound like a bad idea. I would like to hear more about how everything would be set up.

I think an example might work best.

Let’s say my friend and I make a bunch of builds. A city, some foresty areas, a cave, a camp. This includes decorations, lighting, etc.

Here’s an example of a city that an acquaintance of mine made a long time ago:

I make up a setting for this city, some kind of backstory, make characters that are part of this city, maybe an active conflict to resolve, etc. It can take a lot of time if you’re going in-depth, but a lot of the times you can just wing it.

My friend might also make a city, or he might just create one or more characters that will interact with this city. We start and a story begins to unfold - his characters enter the city and start to interact with mine. Things happen, maybe they stumble on an active conflict or problem within the city and want to resolve it. This progresses further and evolves, and slowly a story is built. At this point the roleplay can be taken in whatever direction you want.

This is a fairly simple scenario, but these games could involve three, four, in some cases five players. A lot of stories spanned multiple game sessions - weeks, months, even years. People made fleshed-out lores for their characters, factions, worlds, etc. Roleplaying with the same people for a long period of time you’d usually have a vision of a shared world for all your stories.

As an example, I have a friend with whom I did a lot of political roleplay, with intrigue, backstabbings, behind-the-curtain deals, the whole shebang. The story spanned four real-life years, until we eventually gave up on WC3.

A lot of people did “themed” sessions - when there was a particular premise for the setup, or a specific lore or setting, or other rules. People really went wild with ideas back then.

I hope that gives you an idea of what that kind of roleplay was like. I guess the important takeaway here is that it gave players a lot of freedom and there were no restrictions at all (sans technical limitations). The downside was that the barrier to entry was a bit higher than in GMod, and it required quite a lot more effort on the behalf of players to actually roleplay. But, I think it was totally worth it, and a lot of people enjoyed it a lot back in the day.


Ok that does. It is interesting. I am not big on roleplay but I do think the idea is interesting.