Which Server Host?

Im interested in hosting a server but Im not sure which hoster i should take. As Im from germany I prefer MeinServerHost.de atm. Id like to read some experiances.
Please rate performance and support :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Thx and greets

FPSplayers…poor performance / good support
Nitrous Networks good performance / so so support
BMRF Servers: Great performance / great support (24/7)

These are the companies I have used. Your mileage may vary.

I use gaming servers. I have had no problem with them and they’re they are the cheapest company I found. Il give you a link to their web site

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DeinServerHost - Support: okay / Performance: okay
Preis Leistung: okay

Da du aus Deutschland kommst solltest du einen deutschen Anbieter nehmen. Da es aber schon so viele Server gibt, überleg es dir lieber. Schau mal auf my-rise.de nach der IP des Gameservers und join diesem, dann sieht du die Performance von DeinServerHost :slight_smile:

// Sorry for German Language!