Which server provider is better? I want to own one soon.

Hey guys which server provider is better, with better hosting experience for new server owners like my self, and has more server admin functions and more commands. i hear FRAGNET is great, but i hear also Multiplay is really great. Tips suggestions would be greatly appreciated no harm here :slight_smile: please help.

I’ve used Multiplay, GameServers, and the infamous HFBServers.

GameServers has been the best value. They’re fast and reliable. Multiplay’s performance was mostly pretty good, but I took a chance on GS for the lower price and have been very happy.

What are the difference on the Admin functions each server providers offer when you buy one?

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Oh and, what is the difference when the providers say Rent on the buy now option, and when some providers say Own a server, and when your still paying monthly either way?

HFB has the worst costumer service ever…

Admin functions are the same no matter what company. It’s the in-game admin, for further tools you must download plugins like Oxide etc.

Also Renting and Buying basically the same thing. You’d still have to pay monthly, or which-ever plan you choose.

aah i see thank you guys :), and i never Heard of HFBServers so i dont think ill be using them either way =/

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Oh and last thing whats the big deal? why people are so eagered to get from one provider? vs the next then? Is it just customer service, or better connnections one provider has then the other ?

I have heard of HFBServers, they are mainly known for DayZ Mod servers…
And companies vs companies is mainly about customer service, how good their service is (lag etc), and control panel. I don’t think control panel would matter in this case. Unless other servers don’t have a Mod tab where you can install Oxide by the click on a button(this option is on gameservers not sure about others)

Aaah ok thank you.Oh and im looking at gameservers, but i do not see a video or link or somewhere on how to set one up from that company. Seems its similar to others unless your going to buy one right away.

I used gameservers less than a month ago, it’s still pretty fresh on my mind. It’s a very simple but useful control panel.

What do you mean unless you’re going to buy one right away?

Like a video tutorial thing to get it started

Probably 80% of that is rabid fanboyism. Seriously. As pathetic and sad as it sounds, there are people who are fanatically obsessed with their chosen provider. Anybody who uses any other provider is inferior and they need to let the whole world know it.

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It’s really not difficult at all. Sign up, they’ll email you the server information, and you’re online. With GameServers, you just edit your command line for things like seed, size, and options (though they provide decent defaults to get you started). Here’s a good list of commands to help you get started:

Is there a server craft time and resource gather settings without mod? like 1/2 crafting and 1.5x resource gather?