Which Source game should I buy?

Okay, here’s the story:
I’ve been wanting Garry’s Mod for quite some time now. I installed Steam today, and I looked up GMod so I could buy it. It turns out that they have packages of a source game and GMod combined that are a better deal than if you buy the game and GMod separately. So basically, they are offering Counter-Strike: Source + GMod and Team Fortress 2 + GMod. They are both $24.99. Which is better/more fun? If I’m going to buy a game I’m going to play it. Please, only people who have played both (no matter how long) or have extensive knowledge about one of them respond.

TF2 is vastly better than CS:S in every single way.

TF2 is better, but alot of servers use CSS for its weapons and props.

Aren’t there packs I can download from Garrysmod.org that imitate a CSS installation? Like a pack that gives me all the weapons and props?


Get the CS:S + GMod pack, as GMod revolves around CS:S.

And if for some reason you don’t like it, get the Orange Box for $40. This will get you TF2, Portal, Half-Life 2 (+ episodes), HL2:Lost Coast.

What sorts of things will I be missing out on if I buy the TF2 + Gmod pack?

Pretty much nothing. No servers use TF2 content as such (unless a build server supports it which few do), and they usually force you to download whatever content they used anyways.

Not much in GMod.

If you really want TF2, again, Orange Box $40

Ok, so basically the point is that I should buy CSS if I want to play on mainstream GMod servers and use the things they do?


That or see errors everywhere you look.

Okay. Damn TF2 looked a lot better. Oh well I’m downloading CSS + GMod now.

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just so you know, Orange Box is $30, not $40.

Just get the orange box, if you get the Gmod +CC you will have one good game and one shit game, if you get Gmod + TF2 you will have 2 good games.

It’s just the rather useful CS:S models, player models, ragdolls etc that are used quite commonly in GMod.

Plus, CS:S is a pretty fun game in itself, not as much as TF2, but CS:S also has a myriad of different mods and gamemodes, surfing, Gungame, Deathmatch, WCS, RPG etc…

They lowered the price >:-/