Which Valve Games Best to Own to Make Up for Missing Textures/Terrain, Props

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I’ve been playing Garry’s Mod for about a month now and absolutely love it. When I purchased the game, I also purchased Counter-Strike: Source is order to have the engine necessary to run GMod. I’ve since downloaded a number of maps to tryout and explore, but have found the majority of the “good ones” to have a number of textures and props missing due to my not having the necessary software installed.

So, my question is; besides downloading every Valve game simply to acquire their texture and model attributes, are there a few specific games in which user-made maps primarily borrow resources? Although I didn’t initially want to, I’ve decided I’ll go ahead and purchase a few more Valve games just in order to have the necessary files needed to correctly operate some of these maps I’ve found.

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hmmm, I think HL2,HL2:Episode 1, HL2:Episode 2 & Left for Dead: 2 are some of the “core” titles that are used primarily in GMod. Try the Orange Box for a start, only for €18.99/25/£15 ( & £ are only estimates)
You get HL2,HL2:Episode 1, HL2:Episode 2, Portal & TF2 with this package for a good price, even though TF2 is free -_-. These games can be mounted in GMod via the main menu.

Orange Box via Steam

If it’s a map chances are it’s episodic content which is episode 1 and 2. So yea, Orange box :slight_smile:

Also if you look around im sure someone will give you a 25/33 or maybe 50% of coupon. I had about 15 of the damn things before I gave them away.

Usually the HL Episodes and Counter Strike: Source are the most common required addons for custom content.

CS:S More than HL Episodes IMO.

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Just purchased the Orange Box :slight_smile:

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