Which way is better for inventory ents?

I have simple entities, like “prop_cone”. It’s just a model. When you press E on that entity, it’s class (“prop_cone”) is sent to a function which writes that name to database. For each pickup-able “prop” I create a new entity, like “prop_cone”, which model is traffic cone, or “prop_concreteblock” which model is concrete block.

If I make only one entity, let’s name it “pickupable_prop”, set it’s model to traffic cone when it’s spawned, and a SetVar(“prop-class”, “prop_cone”), then I could use it same as entities “prop_cone”, or “prop_concreteblock”, just I would need to GetVar(“prop-class”) instead of getting it class (ent:GetClass()).

I want to ask you, which way is better?

Well, cons of first way, is that for each pickup-able prop I need to create a new entity.
Pros of second way: I can make some kind of table, like:

pickupables = {}
pickupables[“prop_cone”].model = “/models/props/traffic_cone.mdl”
pickupables[“prop_cone”].name = “Traffic Cone”

pickupables[“prop_concreteblock”].model = “/models/props/prop_concreteblock.mdl”
pickupables[“prop_concreteblock”].name = “Concrete block”

Oh me ingrish… :confused:

The second way is more simple and more manageable.

Okay, I will use it.