Which's real?



Hey guys, there’re two pictures of T-90A model which have different location of reactive armor “contact5”.
The first picture is original BF3 T-90 + retexturing + remodeling details
The another one is changed the location of reactive armor.

The only difference between both is the location of “contact 5”

Which’s realistic???
Please give me your advice.

First of all i see no difference even after hardly looking
Second, I bet that BF3’s models are as realistic as it can get because they used real tanks as reference(not just googled pics)


Uh…I understand.
The both pictures are T-90,not T-90A.
The turret is the old version,same as T-72.
Dice made T-90,but in game,they call it T-90A.
And the first pic is not realistic. As I googled,there’re no T-90s like the first pic.

Dude, trust me, T90A is the main battle tank of my country, i know how it looks.
BF3’s T90A is correct

Why did you even start a thread for this?


Right I see what you mean.

for reference guys kontakt-5 is the triangular armor on the turret, and there is a slight difference but i honestly dont know which is right

The difference is that there are gaps between the plates on the top one, but not on the bottom one. Also, there appear to be three separate plates on the top one, and only two on the bottom.

I have no idea which is “realistic” and, considering the proprietary modifications that each country does to their equipment, both could actually be correct depending on where you get your source from.