Whipe Incoming?

Do to recent events I am sure it will be needed

Stop making this pointless posts without enough information please.

What kind of events are you talking about? servers? …

the servers have been wiped i believe all servers were wiped when we moved to steam so another wipe isn’t need for the foreseeable future.

What are these recent events you’re talking about?

If there is going to be wipe soon, it’ll most likely be at the next update. (nextweek maybe?)

Out of control duping, people with 100+ C4, boxes in shacks with 5 sets of kev + 10 M4s, metal houses appearing from no where 10x10, 10 floors high… ect :slight_smile:

Not playing coz of this and hope for fix today/tomorrow so can play at weekends.

Our clan doesn’t use glitches ect so when this problem came to light 90% of them quit xD

this is what alpha is for to fix such things Still fun to kill people tho

Not sure when they will fix it, but hope it will come soon.

Keep an eye on their Trello: Trello

Quite a few changes have been made lately, and they have a lot of fixes ready to be added to the game. They’re probably waiting for the remaining glitches to be fixed then will update + wipe.

it was just wiped…

Yeah, not playing until this is sorted and the servers are wiped clean. Turns the game into an extended round of COD.

Garry is on it, chill boys.