~whisper~ I heard two of them, get ready on my mark.

ya these models are pretty cool.


c&c ok

also bonus pic i made which prolly isnt funny [img_thumb]http://filesmelt.com/dl/dod_wismar_realism_0020000.jpg[/img_thumb]

The posing on the guy on the left looks really weird.

which left guy, the american or the german??


(The ones standing)

ya that dude is looking around, situational awareness bro.

yeah looking at a wall.


Oh god what.

Also, the german guys (assuming the dead guy is also german), they have 3 different camos. What.

sry didnt know you had to tunnel vision down iron sights tactic00ly 24/7

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you know not every squad, company, battalion, ect. of the wehrmacht didnt all wear the same camo, there were guys wearing different camo. thats like saying every soldier must have the same weapon and only that weapon not only that but what if they were all taking part in a battle. paratroopers going in behind enemy lines and regrouping with the SS company or maybe regrouping with a lost SS soldier, and they became tired and took a break near a small fight that happened against 1 german and 2 americans. try taking a little more time thinking before make a stale statement like that and ya i know about the fingers, BiA weapons dont work well with CoD:WaW soldiers

I like the dude stepping over the body. The rest is kinda meh.

We were about to make a big ass grouped pose with Simkas, Fussy, Taggart and these models, but the rigging is just so bad we decided to stop.
Good job on the pose.

thanks and yea i agree the rigging is pretty bad

Hitler ceased all para drops after Crete in 41.

i was giving an example but i never knew he ceased it completely

That actually happened pretty often