(whisper) Just stare at it, and it will back down

so ive been playing new vegas and this came in my head, except the deathclaw didnt back down, it charged :c. i got the stare at it, and it will back down from Metro 2033 from the library mission and i used the russian guys from that sergeyevs thread in release before the link got taken down (lolsux2bhim) and I got the wastelander thing from him too in his picture, because honestly… they look better for a wastelander/resistance then actual war. imo


C&C and all that jazz

I hope they have AP ammo. Those things are hard to kill.

yeah but when you have boone with you, it works out good :v:

speaking about new vegas, what makes it better then Fo3

Fo3 kinda sucked.

i dont know really, ive never played a fallout game before, except the demo for Fo3. New Vegas imo is a great game, and feels unique to me except the lazy walking animations

every goddamn thing.

  • better writing, better voice acting (people argue but admit it, the only good voice acting in 3 was liam neeson, fuck everyone else)
  • better environment with gasp COLOURS
  • far better diversity and selection of weapons and equipment, including a lot of fallout 1 and 2 kit. the starting weapon is a fucking browning hi-power, that’s some serious class.
  • storyline is far better
  • game is more shades of grey than black/white like 3 was
  • engine, while still gamebryo, is a lot more stable
  • seriously goddamn just everything is better, it feels like an actual fallout game again

just be sure to play on hardcore

I can kill it, why do you think they have developer consoles? and commands like “killall”.

Also good work, apart from the fact that they’re wearing hats. Also the behind guys arm looks a bit weird.

Awesome posing but rather empty and lacking in any interesting lighting or atmosphere.

Honestly the posing isn’t that brilliant, I mean it’s not awful but it doesn’t exactly scream ‘NATURAL MOTION’ at me either

Great posing, just seems a little plain is all.

Gobi Campaign Scout Rifle + standard .308 = dead Deathclaw in 5 shots to the head

oh god I remember when I walked into the Quarry accidentally, fucking loads of Deathclaws

thank fucking god I had the Gobi Scout Rifle w/ me because otherwise I would have died

The Hecate (anti-materiel rifle) owns the living crap out of every goddamn thing