Whistle SWEP

Can someone make me a Whistle SWEP that when I primary click hold down it makes it blow until I let go of primary click?

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maybe even have it like an ocarina, you know… use the WASD keys once you hold left click to change the notes


This sounds cool. Would probably be good for machinimas and videos.

Do you have the sound ?

i will make staight aways!

expect in 2 days :smiley:

ps: i need sound ;(

I think of the WWI whistle, for when the officer signals to go over the top. Then, this would be good.

I can do this, but I need a model and sound. Unless you want it to look like a gun.

You don’t need a viewmodel.
SWEP.ViewModel = “”
Would work perfectly fine.

But if you have a view model of a whistle it would look perty.

Done!!! made it, here is the link. please post if i have done something wrong becuase i couldnt test it

The file path to the weapon is:
whistle swep/lua/entities/weapons/swep_whistle/cl_init.lua

You’re doing it wrong.

Also to not draw a viewmodel, you can use
self.Owner:DrawViewModel( false )[/lua]