White ball

I’m in need of a simple garrys mod model.
Since I have no experience I haven’t been able to do it myself but I think someone here might be up for the challenge.

I’m making a little Hardball/Airsoft gamemode where i need a little white ball to be the bullet.

Is anyone able to make me a fully garrysmod-ready white ball similar to the airsoft ammo?


Well that seems really easy, although I have no experience is garry’s mod. What do you need exactly just the model, the smd, model and texture?

How big again?

Well he mentioned an airsoft game mode so I’d imagine it needs to be the size of an airsoft pellet scaled to the Source engine.

As Nubbelcakes said. I need one at the scale for source.
A little tiny ball.

I still need to re-size it, but what physical property do you want it to have?

There’s already a marble prop.