White bar for NPC weapon options and player (me) and NPC's not ragdolling on death

hi, i have 2 questions

Question 1: Do you know the white bar in-game that has the option to change NPC’s weapons and other things? the bar itself is there, on the top of my screen in any garry’s mod place like multiplayer/singleplayer, but it is blank, and there is nothing there. How do I make it come back? it use to be there, I also got Garry’s Mod in 2013 i think.

Question 2: When I am killed, I don’t ragdoll, but my character just stands there, for example, the legs are together, and the arms are up, like in a T position, and my head is on top of the T, for example: o|-- with the 2 dashes being the legs, the “|” being the arms, and the “o” being the head. (Please ignore quotation marks). This also happens with NPC’s. they just stand there and disappear instead of ragdolling/falling to the ground, and i have 551 addons for extra clarification