White City

So after my friend found out his computer can’t run Mirrors Edge, he let me borrow it for awhile. So far, It’s awesome, and I wanted to make a map based off the white textured city in the background of the main menu. Im still trying to get the ambient and brightness settings right, and I have pretty simple textures. Grid, small grid, stripe, small stripe, and flat.






C&C, what I should fix and how, etc.

looks great, kudos on making your own textures.
there’s something really papery about them though. doesn’t feel like it could be real.
also the monument/fountain thing in the middle looks really blocky for my taste. I like the steps though. especially that raised part in the middle of them.
looks like you’ve got the beginnings for something special.

Thanks, and I was actually trying to go for a paper look.

Your city name is racist =O

In other news, nice map so far.

The textures in mirrors edge (although simple) aren’t flat and plain, they do actually have texture to them. The map itself however is too much of a WIP to really comment on.

Please read the OP. Its the map in the background of the main menu.


Yeah pretty much every mapper that plays Mirror’s Edge tries it.

I’ve resisted somehow, but want to…

was expecting snow

Was expecting racism.


Change the name to Mirror City or something.

Tad too blocky my boy.

Is it my or do your textures not have bump maps?

Creative, but ow my eyes.

If it was a slight less blue looking in the pictures I’d like it some more.

Fuck you and your bump maps. For I am a simpleton.

I should probably change the name of the map.

Turn down the HDR and don’t make it ENTIRELY white…

Booooorrrrrring would be the answer.

It’s too bright, kinda blocky (but it is a WIP after all) and there’s not really much of it.

In my opinion, you made the thread too early.

Also, since you are using really simple textures, you should make them look as good as possible i.e. bump maps, that other fancy crap etc.

There is no HDR actually.

More pictures, I did some more buildings. Trying to experiment with some architecture.



How the fuck do I get rid of the outlining on the edge of the water. It’s dev/dev_water2 by the way.


It’s just a bug in Source (quite a lot of engines do it actually).

The only way to truly ‘fix’ it is to turn off refraction for the water material.

Needs more Companion, And it’s a bit Cube… :wcc:

I was expecting Gondor… 8(