White coloured TF2 characters

Since I couldn’t find them anywhere, could someone be so kind to make hexed skins of TF2 characters with white colour instead of regular team colours? Thanks in advance.


im bumping for you mate. :zoid:

This would definitely be a nice addition to the TF2 models that are already out there.


What shade of white? It really isn’t that hard to skin the TF2 characters a different color. All you need is a couple programs and 3 minutes.


Would the team color be like that of ivory? Cream? Vanilla?

Well whatever, I might work on some cream skins tonight or tommorow. Can’t really promise anything, and even so I’m horrible at hexing ragdolls.

I was thinking that the colour could be the same as the Desert Marauder. Thank you for your help and support!

Hm, when I entered this topic, I expected a request for white-coloured TF2 characters that are set up like the paintable hats are, so that you could use the Colour STool to pick whatever colour you want for 'em. Ah, well. That’s something I feel should be done sometime, now that I mention it.

That’s a brilliant idea! I never thought of it that way. Genious!

That’s a fantastic idea that should be done, but I fear the colors won’t be too bold or vibrant if they were applied. Fer instance, when I play TF2 my Team Spirit Bill’s Hat is a nice shade of RED- just the way I like it- but when I spawn the model in Gmod, switch it to the BLU skin, and color it red, it doesn’t look like I want it to be… I wonder if this is relevant in any way.