White eyes player model 'bug'...

I’ve been waiting for my friend to come back online to put some finishing touches onto a model, and he didn’t have this problem until he sent it to me. The eyes of my model are all white. The model isn’t finished, but that’s the ONLY thing that’s bugging me. I’ve searched, and tried every solution I found, and nothing. I’ve waited for over a month now, and he’s nowhere to be seen… Can someone try to fix this problem for me? Or at least give me suggestions?

Is this model is need to work in Source Engine (GMOD, SFM, L4D,…)? If yes, give me VMT files, or (if it’s possible) whole model with textures.

Can I PM it to you?

Sure. Only one thing: it’s 23:00 right now in Poland, so I check everything tomorrow.

Okay, thanks :slight_smile:

Any more help?

I can’t see any problem. Model looks fine in HLMV, in GMOD and in SFM.


I’ll show you what mine looks like

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That’s wierd.
Try to see how model looks in HLMV and if this happening there, change view mode to “UV Chart”, like that:

…and try to see if material called “face” looks like this:

PS: Those eyes looks really sp00ky

I appriciate everything you’ve tried, but it all ties into one problem. Hl2mv doesn’t work XD Everytime I try to load a model, it crashes? Can you help me with that. And yeah, I panicked as soon as I left her face up there XD I fixed it quickly, as I know she’d kill me.

I don’t know how fix HLMV. My loaded it correctly… after 4 tries and after I changed game path -_-

So, if nothing work, the only way is check materials and textures again. I only want to know, why head texture working fine, while eyes texture are glitched (they using that same material - face.vmt).

Yeah, It’s weird? I checked everything, and I found absolutely nothing

My last idea:
You need to compile model again , but try to use this instead of original SMD:

You should notice, that eyes using now separate materials. Just copy face.vmt and rename it to eyes.vmt (1 texture for 2 materials). I hope it will fix this problem (because I’m completely out of ideas).

Dude, can you add me on steam? I’m lost. I decompiled everything, and I’m not able to find where the original smd is located


Original SMD is called “blacksister_reference.smd”.

Thanks, I’ll try