White Halls mod Idea

I watched the matrix 2 yesterday and was playing Gmod a little after that with the stargate mod and thought it would be cool to have an addon similar to stargates via a white halls mod. They work in the movie by using a special key to open a regular door and it takes them to the white halls (programming back doors) and they can then go to another door inside the halls and with the special key and the right door be transported to specific locations. It would be cool if the addon included a tool set with a door tool with a few of the different door models that can be named by hitting use (much like the stargate) and are all connected to each other just like the gates but work in a different way. You spawn an entity (doors could be entity as well) or swep would work better, for the key with the key out you go and left click the door and it transports you to the halls, which would have all the door you spawned lined up on the wall just like in the movie and named what you named them, that being how you transport by right/left clicking a door inside the model that you go to from the door you used they key on, obviously it would only be visible and in phase with the user of the keys. Now the cool feature would be that if you dont have they key swep they just open like a normal door tool would make them open, or if entity have an open animation.

Thought it would be really cool to have for quick travel if you arent into the whole stargate thing or want something different. If I had the necessary skills this would already be out but unfortunately I don’t.