White hat hacker/kiddie scripter?

In complete honesty. Has there been a hacker, or script kiddie that has been doing it for the good of the players? Killing shit heads, other hackers, etc.

Someone who “Robin Hoods” shit. You know, take from the rich, give to the poor? Or in Rust’s case, take from the douchey and give to the poor?

Too many retards for this to ever come true.

I recall Wtfboy saying he would release his speedhack scripts, but who knows, probably cause more harm than good.

Oh God no, if those got out it would be hell. We get enough hackers as it is.

I would do it, but I just generally don’t want to hack. I like getting guns, and a few people together so I CAN start helping. But for me to do that, I have to KOS a lot of the time so in doesn’t impede my progress.

As far as i’ve seen it’s just people doing it for personal gain or to be complete fucktards, had a couple speedhackers run by mine last night, luckily they didn’t hatchet my base into mashed potatoes, but I heard them doing SOMETHING out there, since I heard like a trillion swings a second happening outside.

yup… same thing for me, decided not to release my scripts. im very much a beginner in programming and dont want to spoil the game experience because i honestly beleive that this might be the one game differing from all others! and thats why i like it so much.

You should release your scripts to Pat or Helk so they can take that into consideration when making an anti-cheat.

Agreed, any help against hackers in the future when they’re making an anit-cheat is just a plus.

im not going to say how i did it but as soon as they fix the whole time clock sync thing nobody will be able to speedhack anymore, atleast thats how i think it is.

aw3s0m3n3ss was somewhat right with the whole desync thing but the most important part is speeding up the client side basicly just running the whole game 10 or 20x the speed.

its very easy to check on that and disconnect you from the server wich is why you really never see a speedhacker in any other game, like everybody sais its in alpha stage and if they really want to contact me they should feel free to do so, i propably just wont be able to tell them more than they already know

There is not gone be an anti-cheat on the client side because of unity limitations so there is no point in sharing you scripts.

I speedhacked to figure out orientation on the world heightmap I put out. Also to quickly get radiation borders marked down. I suppose that’s pretty beneficial to people.

Sadly this is true, and while they don’t want to hear it I try not to bitch. Some things you can do is setup a few methods on server side to somewhat catch them. If a player jumps from a long distance in a short time frame, they are most likely hacking. Server side lag would also cause the jumping, so it is hard to justify speed hacking from normal lag.

They will probably go with a downloadable client before release. There’s plenty of opportunities to add anti cheat then.

Are you serious right now. I seriously just logged on to post about robin hooding. I noticed everyone was hacking and stealing my stuff, naturally I started speedhacking too given garry does not care. I broke into this guys house and took all his stuff. He posts on messages that he was robbed, and I felt bad so I went to return his things. Then I got the idea and started breaking into big castles, only taking a little loot. Then Id break into noobs houses and put loot in their chests :p. I did this about 15 times