White line oddity in VTF

Im unsure how i even explain this, But all i can really jump to is that a clean VTF, is have odd white lines, I dont know if this is to do with Anti Ailiasing in photo shop, But its really starting to get on my nerves.


Any clues to why this is happening would be greatfull, Thanks.

a) Are you using GIMP? It has some issues with zero alpha colours
b) try the various clamping options
c) what dxt level are you using for the alpha?

Sometimes i think the units in source don’t align with whatever nano-pixel it isn’t on, so it substitutes with a white line.

i think.

Scroll down halfway to the point where it says “Before we proceed” I explain some workarounds:

Also more info here:

Edit: If you are using GIMP, check out the work around “RGB of transparent pixels” section here:

Nah, im using photo shop, Recently moved on from paint.net, due to paint.net giving me this exact problem.

I did, None of them seemed to help actually.

DXT5, Been using it for a while.

Im not sure what you mean, Could you perhaps explain a little futher?

My rounded box was made in a 512X512 enviroment, Im not sure if you mean the placement?

I Believe that is for sprays, Im making VTF Images for hud elements, Not pngs and targa’s.

I also know how to create vmt’s i’ve been doing this for a long time, And only ran into this problem only a couple of time.

Current VMT for Jetpack gauge Border:

	"$baseTexture" "hud/JP1"
	"$translucent" "1"
	"$alpha" 1
	"$vertexalpha" "1"
	"$ignorez" "1"
	"$no_fullbright" "1"

I also completely remade the VTF from scratch, in a 256X256 enviroment, Drawing the black rounded box from X = 236, Y = 30, To X = 276, Y = 236.

Im still getting whiteness, And im un-aware of how this is even working as it is.

Ingame it looks like this (The bar in the center is a seperate vtf):


If i re-open the extracted VTF in photoshop it looks like this:


Out of curiosity, do you actually need $translucent as opposed to alphatest in this case?

It doesnt make a diffrence, I swapped out the main proxies for.

	"$translucent" 		"1"
	"$vertexcolor" 		"1"
	"$vertexalpha" 		"1"
	"$ignorez"     		"1"
	"$no_fullbright"	"1"

No diffrence at all sadly.

Okay didn’t see the picture before.

Just make the entire thing black. There’s not reason to keep it white. And the white leeds to your bleeding issues almost definitely.


If your referring to the “After importing the vtf back into photo shop” picture, Then theres no need, I opened it in paint.net and it has the alpha mask, Opening it in VTF edit, Then ticking mask makes it appear normal.

Even after giving it a black background layer theres no white pixels at all inside the vtf itself. Its very confusing.

Personally, i want to try and do it with AA on, But im not sure how to mod Anti Ailising in photo shop.

Okay one more thing - are you using photoshop vtf exporter or vtfedit. Also what photoshop are you using? I remember 7 having some issues with alphas as well.

CS 5.1

Ive tried a combo of vtf edit, photo shop vtf exporter, and paint.net vtf exporter, The white lines seem to happen at complete random, But its doing it all of the time on this one.

Do as wraithcat said. Make the whole canvas black and keep the alpha layer. This should fix this. Another way that might fixes this is to use a different vtf compression mode like BRG888.

Also in VTFEdit you can set the quality of the alpha map, might want to try your luck there.