[White-list] Simple white list and managment



A simple white list addon. Written completely server side.
Only players who are on the white-list can join, players who aren’t can’t join. Kind of like a nightclub, only people on the list can get in.[/release]

Admin notifications- Notifies admins when a player isn’t white-listed or when he is. (Configurable)
In-game editing- Admins have the ability to add/delete people from the white-list through simple chat commands


  1. Put the “Whitelist” folder in your server’s addons
  2. Start the server (Will create the white-list file)
  3. Restart the server (Will load the white-list file. THIS IS NEEDED FOR THE ADDON TO WORK PROPERLY)
  4. Add your steam id to gmod/gmod/Whitelist/whitelist.txt

Console Commands:
These are server only commands, meaning you will need to use rcon or do the commands from the server directly.

wl_chatnotify < 1/0 > - Notifies admins when a player isn’t white-listed.

wl_chatnotifyauthed < 1/0 > - Notifies admins when a player is white-listed.

wl_kickreason “Reason Here” - What to show nonwhite-listed players when they join.

Chat Commands:
Only Admins can use these commands.

/wl_add “STEAM_0:0:0”

/wl_remove “STEAM_0:0:0”

Download v1.1:
With Module -
Without Module -
Module - http://code.google.com/p/gmodmodules...3.zip&can=2&q=

The download with the module included is flagged because garrysmod.org automatically detects modules and flags them.
If you feel unsafe you can delete the gatekeeper module included and get it from the link above

raBBish - Chat commands module
Drakehawke - Giving me a removebyvar function
Wizard of Ass, Aide - Suggesting gatekeeper module

Please report any bugs and I’m open to any suggestions.[/release]

Example of admin notifications


–More coming soon
–Coming Soon[/release]

You shoul take a look at gatekeeper, its usually a better solution since it won’t even let the player connect.

Listen* to this man, gatekeeper allows you to kick the player a lot earlier freeing up your slots quicker.

I’ll look into it.

[lua]require( “gatekeeper” )

hook.Add(“PlayerPasswordAuth”, “WhiteListChecker”, function( name, pass, steamid, ip )
if not Whitelisted[ steamid ] then return { false, “You’re not whitelisted, contact the server owner.” } end
end )[/lua]

Make sure you also keep the PlayerInitialSpawn hook just incase gatekeeper fails, due to gmod updates etc it breaks the module.

Download: http://gmodmodules.googlecode.com/svn-history/r153/trunk/gmsv_gatekeeper/bin/gmsv_gatekeeper.dll

Updated with gatekeeper, Note the download is flagged now because it includes the gatekeeper module.
If you feel unsafe you can delete the gatekeeper module included and get it from here http://code.google.com/p/gmodmodules/downloads/detail?name=gmsv_gatekeeper4.33.zip&can=2&q=

ya don’t distribute the module with the download, add it separately and if gatekeeper is found, have it use that


Just add gatekeeper to addon/lua/includes/modules why have the client download two things and then install them both.

because the local dumbass on gmod.org will see a flagged file and ignore it

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most flagged files are deleted anyway

No clue why you dumbasses rated me dumb, I never mentioned anything about including the module with the addon itself. I just pointed out how to use and where to get it.

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