White noise, Get rid of it.

It might not be that important to some but to some, including me the fucking white noise you hear when you are near trees is excruciating. At first it’s barely noticeable but if you are not producing constant noise, if you take a few seconds to tab out you get overrun with this loud ass god damn white noise that is like someone just recorded it straight from some old ass TV. You can’t lower sound or mute because if you do you gain a huge disadvantage where you can’t hear others footsteps or even their explosive charges being put on your doors. Please do something about the noise or make it more pleasant.

I disagree. I’d rather have them turn down the radiation noise. That shit is way too loud when you’re in a high rad zone.

Yea my ears are being anally raped and groped by the lobe.

So, no indication besides a small picture that you’re dying?

No, they can just turn down the noise of the radiation. Nowhere in my post does it say to turn off the radiation noise. Also, it’s pretty easy to notice your screen flashing red when you’ve taken too much radiation.

The only noise problem I have is that after I quit out of rust, sometimes the noise will still be playing in the background, not the music or shots or anything like that, just the constant wushhhhhh noise :smiley: I just log out of my comp and log back in and all is well.

Yeah, I also pick up that constant static sound sometimes, and I’m not talking about the radiation sound. This sounds more like a television set that is not receiving a signal. I’m hoping this is just an audio glitch of some sort that will be fixed in future updates.

As for the radiation sound, i would agree that it is too loud. Not horrible by any means, but it makes communicating in radiation zones more difficult.

Rads IRL don’t make noise, a Geiger counter does. So they SHOULD probably make a Geiger counter if you need the noise, or even, make it able to be disabled via settings magic.

I have this static sound (flare sound?) from time to time as well. It’s usually bound to a specific area. The sound disappears as soon as you leave it.

I dont have the noise, I do however hate all the random needless Russian banter at night.